NEW ATTACK BIOMASS BOILERSCATER FOR LARGER HEATLOADS2Attack has introduced two new models in the DP Profi range of wood gasifying boilers. The Slovakian built Attack log boilers, available from Thermal Earth, have outputs of 75kW and 95kW allowing them to cater for large heatloads and qualify for the non-domestic RHI scheme.

These Attack DP Profi models feature a conventional fin type heat exchanger with electronic temperature control and with an efficiency of up to 86% they provide an outstanding capital cost to return ratio. The split log boilers can use both hard and soft wood in the larger fuel chamber that allows for a longer combustion time from one load.

Approved and tested to European standard EN303-5, the Attack DP Profi boilers boast simple operation and cleaning with safety measures such as automatic shutdown after fuel is depleted and fireproof clays that are resistant to temperatures up to 1500°C. They are also equipped with a cooling circuit that protects the boiler from overheating, further adding to the system’s reliability and safety features.

The two part wood gasification process involves firstly the gasification of the flammable gases in wood and then the burning of the residual charcoal. The Syngas gas that is produced through the mixing of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen with a controlled amount of Oxygen is combusted inside the boiler where the hot gases are drawn up through the back of the boiler to pass through the heat exchanger. Exhaust gases are passed out through the boiler to a balanced flue that can either be vertical or horizontal as desired.

The entire Attack heating system contributes to the overall high efficiency of the boiler, with the majority of installations consisting of an Attack boiler, an accumulator cylinder, expansion vessel with ancillary equipment and a twin walled flue. The accumulator tank is capable of retaining its high temperatures for long periods and the large volume of hot water it stores for heating and domestic hot water purposes means the boiler does not have to be lit all of the time.

Optimum performance is also ensured by using timber that has a moisture range of 12-20%, allowing the energy to be harnessed for heating the home rather than burning the wood to remove moisture.