The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies ‘Green Deal ready’ providers now stands at 50, delivering a national network of training offering courses tailored to the needs of individual candidates.

With interest in the Green Deal likely to take-off following the announcement of further incentives through the Green Deal Home Improvement fund, choosing a relevant and high quality route to market should be a priority for would-be installers and assessors that recognise the schemes potential.

Kevin Dowd, network operations manager for the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, said: “With up to £7,600 in cash back available to home owners who carry out Green Deal energy efficiency improvements, available from June, it seems probable that interest in this scheme will increase, creating a greater demand for Green Deal Assessors and Installers.

“For those operatives that may have been put off by the need to up-skill in new disciplines, training, part of the process of meeting the Green Deal Quality Mark, does not have to be an arduous task for candidates who already possess relevant experience.

“The Skills Academy’s Green Deal training for installers and Green Deal Assessors has three options, depending on a trainee’s previous qualifications or experience. We offer full, top-up and assessment only courses, meaning candidates with the right skills have a faster route to gaining appropriate accreditation. Our training providers will assess an individual’s level and then tailor the course accordingly.

“While no one can deny its slow start, it’s clear from this latest funding incentive that the Governments wants the Green Deal to work. As a nation we have to improve the efficiency of our buildings, to reduce their carbon footprint and relieve the strain of rising fuel bills.

“Installers and Assessors have a key role to play in educating their customers about the benefits of the scheme and making sure end users are aware of the cash back available and the savings that can be made. The Green Deal provides new market opportunities and, along with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed in Tariffs (FiTs), positions our sector as a key player in combatting climate change.”