Green accounting from York-based HippoFollowing the announcement of the government’s carbon reduction strategy for the generation of our heat and hot water five years ago, the long awaited Renewable Heat Incentive finally began on the 9th April 2014.

Unique in the UK, the Renewable Heat Incentive – or RHI as it is better known in the industry, is an attractive incentive to entice homeowners away from fossil fuel forms of heating their homes and water, including gas, oil and LPG.

The RHI will see homeowner’s gain from a 7 year payment programme, payable quarterly from their energy provider and in the form of hundreds of pounds per year, it will represent a significant proportion of the investment in the applicable technologies.

The added benefit of the RHI is that the products which come under its banner have the added benefit of reducing energy bills. “It is an incentive indeed when you consider you can use the money gained in one hand, to pay another utility bill with the other. And when you look at the savings renewable energy heating will offer,” said Lynda Sparks of renewable energy provider Save Energy Group. “Heating our homes and water is responsible for millions of tonnes of Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year, so the RHI will make a real difference in the government’s drive to reduce the UKs impact on climate change.”

The product categories include a single solar thermal panel which will give your existing boiler up to nine months off a year and on demand piping hot water. Air or Ground Source Heat Pumps will provide one hundred percent of your heating and hot water and a biomass heating system which uses a sustainable wood source to run. “These products may be relatively new to the UK for some homeowners, but they are far from new globally,” added Lynda Sparks. “Eighty percent of Scandinavian countries run on air source heat – and it is a popular heat source in rural France, for example, and solar hot water is widely used across Europe. These products are all proven to work extremely well in our climate and will offer enormous savings.”