Rather than waiting for the sound of dripping water, John O’Raw, Area Manager Scotland for Sika Sarnafil, explains why it’s worth taking a good hard look at your roof refurbishment programme now…

“We know that maintaining a building is a complex business and with the roof being the element that is usually out of day-to-day sight, it is often only when there’s water dripping through the structure that action is taken. But what is the total cost of roof failure? What would happen if a roof under your care failed? What is the potential cost to the inhabitants of that building or workplace? And what does it mean for the specifier?

“Ensuring the right waterproofing solution is chosen is vital, but just as important is the support and knowledge provided by the roofing system manufacturer.

“Roof refurbishment is the cost effective solution in so many cases – but only when it’s done well. It is not a straightforward process and there are many elements to be considered, but with the help of experts the complexity can be handled simply and efficiently. Just adding a new waterproof covering is not the complete answer, there’s more to consider. With the growth in refurbishment projects in the construction industry, Sika Sarnafil knew that it had to provide a better roof refurbishment package. To do this, Sika Sarnafil held discussions with a number of its existing clients and registered contractors to fully research the demands of the market. With so much refurbishment being undertaken the company is confident this new package will be of benefit to specifiers, contractors and building owners alike.

“Sarnafil Plus has been designed to provide a comprehensive roof refurbishment package with ongoing support. It considers all elements to ensure that the correct specification, installation and application are met and that all accessories are Sarnafil/Sika branded to compliment the offer having been tested for suitability within the Sarnafil system. The added Plus is the programme’s market-leading insurance backed guarantees with a single point of responsibility, ensuring the client’s piece of mind and protection.

“There are various types of refurbishment that depend on the existing conditions of the roof. One option is an overlay, where the existing waterproof covering has come to the end of its lifespan and the waterproofing is reinstated by consolidating the existing build up and overlaying this with a new system. Another option is total renewal, where the complete roofing system has failed. The waterproofing system is then stripped and replaced with a new system – whether it’s warm or inverted as appropriate.

“Before a project begins a member of the Sarnafil Plus team will conduct a comprehensive roof survey to determine which system is most suitable for the project and the budget. During the survey a core sample will be taken to assess the current roof construction and the condition of the substrate. During this investigation a photographic record will be made and, where deemed appropriate, investigative methods such as thermal imaging photography and pull out tests will be used to confirm the condition of the existing deck.

“A bespoke specification is then produced from the results of the roof survey, including – project specific detail drawings, tapered insulation plans and roof layouts (where required), U-Value calculations, wind uplift calculations and condensation risk analysis. Life Cycle Cost Analysis evaluations can also be included upon request.

“On site installation and application,support is provided by the nationwide network of Sika Sarnafil field technicians who regularly inspect the roof during the works and, on satisfactory completion, provide an Inspection Certificate covering the correct installation. Periodic inspection and maintenance of roofing assets are the most important elements of a successful roof management programme, and in turn are proven to reduce ownership costs and leak frequency, extend the roof’s life cycle and most importantly, provide facilities and building management operations with fewer interruptions. The Sarnafil Plus programme will help achieve such an outcome.”