Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management solutions, is leading the industry by example, having achieved ISO 50001 Accredited Certification for 21 of its UK sites.

Since Schneider Electric began the journey to get its larger operations ISO 50001 accredited, the company has achieved a 16.5 per cent reduction in energy consumption over three years. All the improvements have been implemented using Schneider Electric’s own products, solutions and services demonstrating that the organisation is able to practice what it preaches – and with impressive results.

The ISO 50001 Accredited Certification is a new globally recognised standard of excellence awarded to businesses who implement effective energy management systems (EnMS). To be awarded an ISO 50001 accreditation, organisations must develop an appropriate Energy Policy, identify areas of significant energy use and then implement targets and programmes to reduce energy use. It also requires businesses to utilise data to better understand consumption and continually look for opportunities to make positive changes.

Schneider Electric achieved ISO 50001 Accredited Certification for 15 of its sites in December 2012, and recently achieved a further six certifications to take the number of accredited sites up to 21. Each accredited site underwent an energy audit to identify areas for improvements, and was then given site-specific projects to reduce energy usage at the facility. Where necessary, key equipment was upgraded such as the use of intelligent lighting controls, improved Building Management Systems and installing high efficiency compressors and boilers. To ensure there will be a continuous improvement in energy management, each site has also implemented an approved Energy Management System, which outlines procedures and processes to keep savings on track.

Recognising the part that people play in energy efficiency, Schneider Electric has encouraged staff to ‘think green’ through energy days, competitions and ongoing updates as well as appointing Energy Champions at each of its sites to measure consumption, raise awareness and implement improvement projects.

One of Schneider Electric’s recently certified sites was Ashby. Through improved employee awareness of energy use – achieved through an energy day and effective internal communications – as well as a review of the settings on the Building Management System (BMS), energy savings of 9 per cent were achieved in 2013 versus 2012.

Mark Jones, sustainability manager at Schneider Electric said: “Energy management solutions are what we do, so for us it was essential that we were able to manage our own operations as efficiently as possible. We believe wholeheartedly in the quality of our products and services, and achieving accreditation across 21 sites in two years is certainly testament to what is possible with effective systems in place.

“The continuous improvement we do through our own EnMS will undoubtedly feed into new innovations for our own customers and help us to build an even greater understanding of how people interact with our products and solutions. It’s a very exciting time for Schneider Electric’s energy management solutions team.”