WAVIN’S AQUACELL PRIME SET TO RAIN SUPREMEWith excessive surface water run-off a key contributor to the recent devastating floods, Wavin, a leading UK manufacturer of plumbing, rainwater and drainage systems has launched a new cost effective geocellular unit to reduce the risk of flooding. AquaCell Prime is the latest addition to the Aquacell Stormwater Management range and is used to create underground structures for infiltration or the temporary storage of stormwater.

AquaCell Prime has been specifically designed for areas subject to regular traffic loading such as car parks. It can also be used in deep, landscaped applications. Taking sustainable performance to new levels, Prime combines AquaCell’s established credentials of lightweight, high void construction with the benefit of being manufactured from specially reformulated, recycled material to minimise environmental impact.

Quickly assembled on site, the BBA approved AquaCell Systems are available in a range of units and strengths including Aquacell Eco, Core and Plus which can be mixed and matched to create the optimum installation in every application.

Tried and tested, these versatile systems have proven lateral and vertical loading performance and provide the answer to managing excessive rainfall. The individual units can simply be clipped together or for additional strength are designed so they can be ‘brick bonded’ laid for enhanced stability to form the required volume and are then wrapped in either geotextile sheet or membrane.

“Our latest innovation AquaCell Prime has proven lateral and vertical loading capacity,” commented George Gray Product Manager of Wavin. “The modular nature of AquaCell makes it perfect for dealing with any given requirement, from just a few units acting as a soakaway, to thousands of units creating a vast underground reservoir.”

As a pioneer in modular, lightweight polypropylene high-void box units, Wavin has become a leader in managing stormwater at source through efficient capture, transportation, cleansing and attenuation. As concerns grow over climate change and urban development, geocellular stormwater management units such as Wavin’s AquaCell are a proven stormwater solution ensuring effective flood protection for the long term.