AandEWhen the underfloor heating in the A&E department of North Tees Hospital failed, the hospital faced the critical challenge of providing heating with the minimum of disruption. ThermaSkirt, the innovative heating system offered by Discrete Heat, provided the ideal solution.

Richard Speight, senior engineer at the hospital, discounted the replacement of the underfloor system as significant closure periods would have been necessary. Likewise, the potential installation of low surface temperature (LST) radiators required the remodelling of the department’s layout to accommodate the radiators, bulky casings, and associated pipe work. The slim and efficient ThermaSkirt provides heating through the skirting boards throughout the A&E ward, and is both unobtrusive and effective. Introduced at North Tees by renewables experts Revolution Power Ltd, ThermaSkirt is an easily controllable system which considerably reduces energy costs for the hospital.

ThermaSkirt also helps to prevent the spread of infection in the Stockton-On-Tees hospital. A high standard of cleanliness is of paramount concern at North Tees and the scrutiny of all sources of infection, combined with a rigorous cleaning regime, is the means by which this is achieved. The control and elimination of MRSA and C. Difficile for the hospital is helped by the installation of the ThermaSkirt, free of grills and slots, it requires virtually no maintenance and is extremely simple to clean. These are significant advantages over LST radiators, which are now recognised as potentially dangerous to health, allowing bacteria and spores to collect and thrive.

ThermaSkirt is a radiant panel designed to replicate a skirting board trim, whilst providing a gentle, consistent and energy efficient heat throughout the room at low level. Its even distribution of heat makes the A&E department a more comfortable environment for patients. The discrete casing of the ThermaSkirt means that risk of injury is eliminated, there are no trip hazards, and its discrete form increases the navigability of the busy hospital environment.

Commenting on the project, Richard Speight said: “I was impressed with the concept of the ThermaSkirt system from the off, but a bit sceptical it could do the job. Reports from other hospitals gave me the confidence to give it a go, and I cannot tell you what a difference it’s made. The installation of the whole job was done in a few days, and we were back up and running. The staff are very happy with the new heating system”.

The bespoke solution provided by Discrete Heat extends throughout the department, where ThermaSkirt integrates easily with both the flooring as a typical skirting trim, and at higher levels. The result is a completely sealed heating system which can be cleaned in parallel with the floor, ensuring the highest quality in cleanliness and patient care whilst reducing maintenance and cleaning costs. It provides a cost-effective heating solution that gives North Tees greater flexibility of room layout.

With minimal disturbance to the fabric of the building, and the retention of much of the original pipework, the whole reinstallation has come in many thousands of pounds under the original budget.

Discrete Heat designs and manufactures the highest quality products in heating solutions. Since appearing on Dragon’s Den, Discrete Heat with its popular product ThermSkirt has been specified on many prestigious installations within the NHS, Schools, Care Homes and other public spaces around the world, and provides innovative, cost effective and bespoke solutions to a diverse range of heating needs.