JDP delivering real savings to Lidl

SUDS is more than a series of individual products, it is the total system design solution, which is critical. Specifying the right system design can lead to significant savings on installation, as proven, when JDP advised Core Civil Engineering Limited on the requirements for foul and surface water drainage to suit construction of a new Lidl store in Uxbridge.

After considering the project plans JDP’s Technical Design department proposed a change from the original specification to a more efficient, purpose designed system incorporating lightweight modular attenuation crates, better suited to the site.

JDP offered full technical design support from materials to take off, to expert product and system advice and CAD design (including the designing of two new attenuation tanks based on crates) and supporting drainage products to comply with legislation.

A more efficient design led to significant product savings in the pipework and fittings required.

Tanks constructed using the modular crates have a 95% void volume, providing a highly efficient method of retaining water.

The modular units allow greater flexibility of shape, ideal for shallow excavation, narrow strips or use in restricted areas, leading to savings in time and cost of the excavation of the site.

The crates are lightweight, with real cost benefits in terms of speed of both installation and reduction in the need for heavy plant machinery.

Tim Wright, Site Foreman, Core Civil Engineering Limited commented: “We are delighted with the expert advice and solutions delivered by JDP which has ensured we provided the right system for the site and could achieve valuable savings throughout the project.”