Stroma Certification’s bespoke ECO software now BRE approved for all measures

Stroma Certification’s ECO Engine is now the only software on the market to be approved for undertaking Ofgem-compliant ECO scoring calculations for all measures. Approval has been granted on Ofgem’s behalf by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

The bespoke ECO software replicates the Ofgem-approved calculation methodology for ECO scoring through an automated process, allowing calculations to be run quickly and simply. It is available to Stroma Certification clients on multiple platforms: these include an online tool, and a web interface which can be fully integrated with CRM systems to perform batched or real-time scoring calculations, whilst providing advanced error handling and exceptions reporting.

The ECO Engine forms part of Stroma Certification’s portfolio of Green Deal and ECO software, with multiple packages available to meet the needs of different stakeholders. End-to-end software solutions for ECO and Green Deal management are available which integrate Stroma Certification’s industry-leading, compliant calculation tools with Fulgent Technologies’ CRM and workflow management solutions, GD Enterprise and Survey Manager.