Please complete the information regarding courier deliveries and vehicle access to The Emirates below…

If you have not done so already, please read through our checklist for exhibitors

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact Gary Jones, Event Manager – 01425 477 565

The data we gather via this form will be shared with the Stadium for security purposes so they are aware of what items are arriving. We will not however pass your email address to them and this is only gathered so we know who is submitting the form.

Courier Instructions


Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled with the following:-

AFC Venue Setup Arsenal Logistics
Security entrance
Emirates Stadium
Queensland Road
London N7 7AJ
Contact Rhian Snook 0771 497 2607
Ref: ecoSHOWCASE Champions Suite 16th Oct
Deliveries must be made Monday 15th Oct between 9am-5pm.



If you are intending to organise courier collection on the 16th please instruct your courier to pick up directly from the Champions Suite where the event is being held. If you are picking up the day after the event please use the same details as delivery.

Exhibitor vehicle access for drop-off and collections

Access via security entrance in Queensland Road (postcode: N7 7AJ). You will be directed to loading bay where porters will transport your equipment to the suite. You must immediately remove your vehicle to the Sobell Centre car park where you can either walk or catch the minibus back to the stadium. The event is in The Champions Suite accessed via West Stand Reception.
At the end of the event pack up your stand and take down to the loading bay.
Pick up your vehicle and return to the security entrance for pick up.